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Chrysalis (of the high frequency)
Chrysalis painting for "The Ancients" a personal project 
Tried to be ambitious. Really glad I scrapped several other versions to arrive at this one.

follow me on Instagram for progress shots and more! @ kytranart 
Chrysalis (Balance)

The first in a series I'm developing called "The Ancients". A good way to explore some ideas I have floating around in a mysterious fantasy context. Our layers build bias, pealing back the layers can remind us that our core intentions are not cynical. Then we realize that many of our layers were put there without our knowing and others didn't have a say in what's on their shell either. The self and other can be closer that way.

for process shots and more follow me on instagram @ kytranart

The Oracle is refining the unknown. A moment of notice.
part of my Mindscape series. check out my site @ 
Force of Will

The human will is beautifully powerful, we are capable of so much. Tried to put intertwining double helix's in there, like DNA.

Guys, I'm back! My style and interests have changed!  
This one is for a project I'm working on called "Forces". Forces is about how we experience, project, and give meaning to the self. Stay tuned, I'm bout to be droppin some moe artzzz. 

Also about to make some art tutorial videos soon. The first videos will probably be about how to become a motivated artist. Something I've struggled with, finally feel good about making art and I want to share what helped me!       

 For WIPs shots and more frequent updates follow me on
Instagram @: kytranart



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